tinyloveTiny Love
Tiny Love is proud to be the recipient of the most prestigious international toy awards for quality, excellence and innovation. They are a symbol of our continuing success as a respected global provider of fine developmental toys, and of the trusted relationships we have built with our worldwide partners in the more than 40 countries where our products are sold.



tommeeTommee Tippee
Tommee Tippee® is one of the most trusted and recognisable baby brands in the world, loved by babies and recommended by generations of parents. Since the introduction of the original Tommee Tippee cup, a truly spill proof child cup, 45 years ago, Tommee Tippee has earned a reputation for its clever ideas, product quality and simply intuitive designs as children make the transition from first latch to independent feeding. Today, Tommee Tippee uses nature to inspire its scientifically designed products that provide comfort for babies and children and peace of mind for parents in 45 countries around the world.


babydanBaby Dan
Baby Dan must help creating safe environments. To achieve this we aim to be among the leading brands of safety product, textiles and children’s furniture in the world. This way we can participate in the development of more demanding common standards in areas such as materials, safety, technology, the environment and quality.



peg-peregoPeg Perego
Designed and manufactured by the Perego Family since 1949.
After 60 years of making carriages, strollers, car seats, high chairs and kid-sized riding toys, our Peg Perego family is known for designing products to meet needs. Every step in the process, from engineering, to production, to shipping, is performed by Peg Perego and no one else–ensuring our customers get top quality products.



aroARO Artlaender
The entrepreneurial group ARO® ARTLAENDER has been founded 1919 in Osnabrueck – Germany and developed itself to one of the largest German processing plants of bed feathers & down with 3 wash roads and a multiplicity of down products. Sophisticated technology, enviromentally compatible methods of production and strict quality assurance characterize the processing of the raw feathers.


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